Cancer (June 21-July 22)



Character Traits of the Astrological Sun Sign Cancer

Cancer is the sign of “Home, Hearth, Moon and Mother”, and as such it can be incredibly sensitive, compassionate and nurturing. Cancer natives tend to overcompensate with a hard exterior similar to their symbol, the crab, and this can be harder for men than women because of the sexism innate in modern culture. Cancers will often claim to be rational and unfeeling, but close family and friends will tell you they are highly sensitive, intuitive and often psychic. Ruled by the Moon, this Sun Sign suffers from mood swings that may seem downright “bi-polar” at times. Manic comedian Robin Williams is a good example of Cancer at work – this is a man who is fiercely dedicated to his family and his craft, a man whose deep compassion has been shown in the many roles he has chosen and in his dedication to friends like Christopher Reeves.¬†Inversely, Cancer females tend to be a lot tougher than they appear at first. If you doubt a Cancer’s passion, just get between a Cancer female and her children or loved ones. You’ll feel the sharp edges of her pincers in a hurry! Cancer also tends to be something of a hoarder or collector. They can acquire huge mountains of things they will never use, if the desire to possess isn’t channeled into creative activity of some kind.