Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)



Character Traits of the Astrological Sun Sign Sagittarius

Energetic, intelligent and interesting, Sagittarians often seem to come from “another place”. Brad Pitt is one example of a Sagittarian whose constant changes of style, mood and direction confuse family, friends and fans alike. Sagittarius, whose sign is the Archer, is known as the world traveler, in both thought and deed. They do love to travel, and when that is not possible, they spend a great time on the Internet, or with their noses in books or in front of the television learning about other cultures and peoples. Sagittarians are often found in the travel, entertainment and publishing industry as a result. Sagittarius’ association with higher education also pulls a great number of Sagittarians into college and universities, both as students and as teachers. Archers are always pushing the boundaries, searching for new ways to explore their inner minds. For this reason they are also drawn to new technologies, the Internet and computers. Good natured, energetic, optimistic and loving, Sagittarians tend to make interesting and exciting partners. They are also freedom-loving and independent thinkers, and don’t like to be tied down.