Virgo (August 23-September 22)



Character Traits of the Astrological Sun Sign Virgo

Virgo people are some of the most selfless, dedicated, and hard workers in the Zodiac. Highly intelligent, they are great at storing and organizing information. Virgo is often associated with healthcare, healing and service work for this reason. They make fantastic doctors, nurses and alternative healthcare practitioners, and are often found healing in other ways. They are also excellent managers, secretaries and organizers. As a lover, Virgo has a totally undeserved reputation as reserved and cold. In fact, they are passionate, devoted, and occasionally kinky lovers. They have a wonderful sense of creativity, and have just enough independence to keep things interesting. The reputation of course comes from Victorian astrologers and their simple-minded association of “Virgo” with “virgin” goddesses. In fact, the original meaning of “virgin” did not mean “sexually chaste” but “a free woman in charge of her own destiny”. This is much closer to the true behavior of modern Virgos.
Virgo also has a reputation for having a highly detailed, methodical mindset. One time, I was in a discussion group with a number of Virgos who all objected to being called “picky” in such detailed, precise and minute detail that their own objections more or less made the point for their opposition. The response actually clarified the reason why their sign has this reputation. Virgos think things through very quickly and precisely, and they are able to articulate their insights in a sharp, pointed manner. Being ruled by Mercury, they are often good communicators, managers and writers.